COMPASS Mating Tool

Reference ID:892


Whereas the COMPASS program is a great tool to assist Canadian dairy breeders and;

Whereas the current program provides a list of bulls and a herd inventory but not a mating report and;

Whereas breeders must release their herd inventory to an artificial insemination company to get a mating report and;

Whereas all Ontario licensed dairy farms pay a check off to Lactanet’s subsidiary, Ontario DHI, and farms using milk recording services pay Lactanet for that service, yet those farms cannot access their data through Compass to generate their own mating report and;

Whereas breeders should have the choice to use their herd data to create mating reports without commercial bias and create such reports as frequently as they want without having to consult an artificial insemination company.


Therefore, be it resolved that COMPASS be designed to allow breeders, or their chosen advisors, to create a mating report based on their sire criteria and with consideration for inbreeding and haplotypes and that the mating recommendations can be sent to the Lactanet mobile application.

MoverCatherine AgarSalford, Ontario
1st SupporterDylan StewardsonThedford, Ontario
2nd SupporterMatt DannPalmerston, Ontario
3rd SupporterAdam VervoortPeterborough, Ontario
4th SupporterJim StantonIlderton, Ontario