Composite Type Indexes

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Whereas the composite index system for major type traits is not perfect.

Whereas the composite system allows bulls to benefit from bonuses in their indexes, by possessing a quality in a defect of the breed.

Whereas the composite system inflicts penalties on bulls for having a common defect with the breed.

Whereas modifying the genetic indices with bonuses and penalties completely distorts the understanding of the individual.

Whereas modifying a genetic index to help a breed out of genetic tendencies (straight legs, short teats, taller stature) is not the only way Lactanet has.

Whereas modifying a genetic index to help a breed get out of genetic tendencies (straight legs, short teats, tall stature) makes some breeders feel like they are being mothered by Lactanet.

Whereas some breeders feel bereaved following the disappearance of linear indices in the major criteria; a benchmark from field data that allowed them to better cross their animals, (including exhibition).

Whereas some A.I. centers have already followed suit to carry out so-called composite matings, by mating males and females with the desirable traits together and thus get a maximum of bonuses to fictitiously boost the proof of their young bulls.

Whereas this will lead to the next way of getting bulls that are over-evaluated.

Whereas current breed defects (straight legs, short teats, tall stature) originated from breeders who only mated the best animals together based on total indexes (TPI, LPI, PRO$, CONF) regardless of inbreeding or to conformation criteria and not to the breeding choices of breeders-selectors.


Therefore, it is proposed to ask Lactanet to make the linear indexes of the major type traits available for consultation by the user somewhere on their site (new column, separate tab, etc.)

It will never be asked to abolish the composite indexes, but it would be interesting for any breeder to be able to compare, if he wishes, the two types of indexes for the major type traits for the same bull for example. We thought that presenting in this way is very possible. This is in the spirit of consultation and comparison of major indexes. All with the aim of making the best purchase first, and to mate our animals even better. Raising a heifer costs over $4000 today with inflation, it is better to know more than not enough before making our purchases and our inseminations.

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