Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB) Voting Members

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Whereas within any social, community or political organization, a member of a board of directors or advisory committee must normally withdraw from a decision when it is of financial interest for himself or an organization that he is associated with.

Whereas the decisions of the Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB) are of financial interest for producers and/or distributors of dairy bull semen in Canada.

Whereas the Genetic Evaluation Board is composed of 7 dairy producers, 5 members of the dairy genetic industry and 6 technical members who all have an equal share of voting rights.


Therefore, it is proposed that the voting members of the Genetic Evaluation Board be only the dairy members of the said Board.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

There are a total of 17 voting members on the GEB (out of the total 18 members) of which 7 are producers/breeders.

MoverHubert GuimondSte-Anne-de-la Pocatière, Quebec
1st SupporterAlain GaronSt-Denis-de-la-Bouteillerie, Quebec
2nd SupporterSébastian SaindonSt-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Quebec
3rd SupporterDany PelletierSt-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Quebec
4th SupporterGervais PelletierSt-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Quebec