Genetic Data

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Whereas …

Whereas the genetic data present on Compass are the most updated source of information available to users.

Whereas the Compass tool is presently not as popular as expected.

Whereas the data retrieval from the herd inventory is done only in PDF which does not allow for the users to analyze the data, but only to consult them.

Therefore …

Therefore, it is requested that Lactanet collaborate with Holstein Canada so that the tables generated in the “Herd Genetics” section of Compass can be exported in an Excel document rather than a PDF in order for the users to make their own analysis of the generated data.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

A total of 1,800 producers have created their Compass account and 500 are actively using it on a regular basis. Various Compass features were developed to allow users to sort and filter their own data without requiring data extraction.

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