Genetic Diversity

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Whereas …

Whereas, the intensive use of genomics has led us to use lesser genetic diversity in our matings; and,

Whereas, the best sires available are often related due to a common use of bull sires between A.I. units; and,

Wherea,s some less exploited bloodlines no longer have the possibility of showing their genetic potential because of suggestive selection;

Therefore …

Therefore, it is moved that Lactanet try to find a solution in order to value the animals having genetic diversity in the breed.

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MoverOlivier Leclerc, St-Patrice, QC,St-Patrice, Quebec
1st SupporterJean-Pierre Breton, St-Patrice, QC,St-Patrice, Quebec
2nd Supporter Philippe DionSt-Narcisse, Quebec
3rd SupporterSébastien SaindonSt-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Quebec
4th Supporter Vincent RoySt-Isidore, Quebec