Haplotype Publication

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Whereas the haplotypes can cause abortions during late pregnancy or mortality in young calves, and whereas each abortion/loss of a calf costs several months of production in addition to the sometime high value of the calf.

Whereas it is recommended by Lactanet to avoid matings with carrier parents.

Whereas breeders must know what bulls are carriers of haplotypes to avoid certain crossbreedings.

Whereas the information on haplotypes is 99% reliable and therefore valuable information for business decision-making.


Therefore, it is requested that the haplotypes be published on the main page of the Lactanet genetic evaluations and that it be added in the Lactanet code of ethics that artificial insemination units are required to publish the haplotypes with sire proofs.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

Haplotype results are not the same as a gene test result (ex: A2, CVM, BLAD, etc.). The haplotype carrier probability calculations were developed by Lactanet (formerly CDN) as a service to help Canadian dairy producers.  They are publicly available for all animals on their Pedigree page on the Lactanet (www.cdn.ca) website and are included on every animal with the Compass software.

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