Inbreeding Calculator

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Whereas the genetic data found in Compass are the most updated source of information available to users.

Whereas the Compass tool is presently not as popular as expected and a different function would help the tool stand out.

Whereas, according to the Lactanet data, inbreeding in the Holstein breed is 7.47%* and has increased by 0.25 in the last decade.

Whereas there is presently no tool for independent sire selection available on the market.


Therefore, it is requested that Lactanet collaborate with Holstein Canada so that the Lactanet inbreeding calculator is integrated into the Compass tool and that the calculation of inbreeding can be done quickly between a bull selected by the user in the “My sires” list and an individual or a group of individuals selected by the user in the herd inventory. The purpose of this addition would be to validate the inbreeding and the genetic indexes of the potential progeny, and not to suggest a mating.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

A total of 1,800 producers have created their Compass account and 500 are actively using it on a regular basis. The management of inbreeding in a herd and/or breed is best done at the time of mating decisions.  The Inbreeding Calculator is a frequently used feature of the Lactanet ( web site and was not integrated into Compass to avoid duplication.  The “My Sires” feature in Compass was developed and added after the initial software launch in November 2019.

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