Combined Individual Performance Index

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Whereas Lactanet is an organization open for innovations.

Whereas BCAs are outdated tools.

Whereas ranking indexes offered by Lactanet through milk recording do not take into account the overall performance of the animals.


Therefore, it is moved to issue an index comparable to the Herd Management Score for each cow having completed one lactation. A combined individual performance index (C.I.P.I.). This index must combine performance related to production, reproduction and milk quality and also compare it to Canadian individuals for the same age.

MoverFrancis PaquetSainte-Marie, Quebec
1st SupporterMarie-Pier MaheuSainte-Marie, Quebec
2nd SupporterNicolas TurmelSainte-Marie, Quebec
3rd SupporterDany ChabotSaint-Elzear, Quebec
4th Supporter Serge FaucherSainte-Marie, Quebec