Individual Cow Performance Index

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Whereas the Herd Management Score is a good indication of our herd management.

Whereas the improvement of our Herd Management Score has an effect on the improvement of the profitability of our operation.

Whereas having a Herd Management Score index for each animal, would allow us to identify the most profitable animals.


Therefore, it is moved that an Individual Cow Performance index be made available for each cow in the herd.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

The development of a cow equivalent to the Herd Management Score is part of the Lactanet business plan. The project is still in early stages of concept and we are working on the challenges of finding an optimal solution based on science and economics. No details are yet finalized.

MoverOlivier LeclercSt-Patrice, Quebec
1st SupporterJean-Pierre BretonSt-Patrice, Quebec
2nd SupporterPhilippe DionSt-Narcisse, Quebec
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