Publishing Accumulated Milk, Fat and Protein Yields Per Day of Life

Reference ID:905


Whereas some of the data that best reflects a cow’s profitability is her production per day of life;

Whereas the type of herd management applied on the farm can impact BCAs (dried off before 305 DIM, extended lactation).


Therefore, it is proposed that the results of the accumulation of Milk, Fat and Protein per day of life be official publishable information similar to BCAs.

MoverJulie DuchesneSaint-Narcisse, Québec
1st SupporterBenjamin NieuwenhofSainte-Agnès-de-Dundee, Québec
2nd SupporterAlphonse PittetSaint-Tite, Québec
3rd SupporterHans BroenimaanSainte-Perpétue, Québec
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