Lactanet Board Composition – 2

Reference ID:605


Whereas Lactanet is concerned with the succession planning in dairy production.

Whereas the road is very long and nearly inaccessible for young people to join the Lactanet board of directors.

Whereas young people are also clients and their vision is important for sound planning of the future.


Therefore, it is moved that the two seats considered as external on the Lactanet board of directors be reserved for young Canadians aged 35 or younger passionate about dairy production and genetics.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

The age distribution of the Board will change over time. For reference, the current board members range in age from 33 to 65 years of age.

MoverFrancis PaquetSainte-Marie, Quebec
1st SupporterMarie-Pier MaheuSainte-Marie, Quebec
2nd SupporterNicolas TurmelSainte-Marie, Quebec
3rd SupporterDany ChabotSaint-Elzear, Quebec
4th SupporterSerge FaucherSainte-Marie, Quebec