Lactanet Board Composition – 3

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Whereas Lactanet is serving dairy producers and must be responsive to their needs.

Whereas it must be represented equitably by its clients, without any conflict of interest.

Whereas the financial contribution to Lactanet comes directly and indirectly from dairy producers.

Whereas producers annually invest more than 15 million in genetic tools.


Therefore, it is moved to change the governance structure by ensuring that all the Lactanet director seats are held by Canadian producers and not linked to other industry organizations. In order to avoid any conflict of interest in the decision-making process and to get Lactanet closer to the needs of its clients and not those of its partners. It is suggested to create with the partners an advisory committee for Lactanet.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

The current Lactanet Board is comprised of licensed dairy farmer representatives from the following dairy farmer-owned industry partners: Holstein Canada, Semex, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Western Canadian DHI, Ontario DHI and Valacta. The Board may also appoint up to 2 external directors that do not need to be licensed dairy farmers (there are currently two appointed – one of which is a dairy farmer).

MoverFrancis PaquetSainte-Marie, Quebec
1st SupporterMarie-Pier MaheuSainte-Marie, Quebec
2nd SupporterNicolas TurmelSainte-Marie, Quebec
3rd SupporterDany ChabotSaint-Elzear, Quebec
4th SupporterSerge FaucherSainte-Marie, Quebec