Lactanet Board Composition

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Whereas the weight of the breed associations (1) is well below that of the milk recording agencies (6) on the Lactanet Board of Directors.

Whereas the members of the breed associations express their concerns to their association.

Whereas the breeders are disappointed with the withdrawal of the DGV publication by Lactanet.


Therefore, it is requested that Lactanet better distribute the weight of breed associations on its board of directors in order to better represent the interests of breeders.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

The current Lactanet Board is comprised of directors from the following partners:

-3 farmer directors appointed by Valacta (Quebec and Atlantic)

-2 farmer directors from Ontario (elected at-large by DHI delegates)

-1 farmer director from Western Canadian DHI (western provinces)

-1 farmer director from Semex (must be a current Semex Board member)

-1 farmer director from DFC (must be a current DFC Board member)

-1 farmer director from Holstein Canada (must be a current Holstein Canada Board member)

-up to 2 external directors that do not need to be dairy farmers (to be appointed by the Board)

-1 external director is a licensed dairy farmer

-1 external director is a staff member of a dairy services organization in the Netherlands

Each of the 10 licensed dairy farmers on the board are all long-time members of at least one Canadian dairy breed organization.

MoverLaurent FailletaztSt-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec
1st SupporterHans BroenimannSte-Perpétue, Quebec
2nd SupporterPascal MartinSte-Cécile-de-Milton, Quebec
3rd SupporterLouis St-AubinSt-Clet, Quebec
4th SupporterBenoit LafondGuigues, Quebec