Selection Tools for Solids Non-Fat (SNF) Ratio

Reference ID:912


Whereas there is a surplus of solids non-fat (SNF) currently produced compared to the market demand;

Whereas the predictions are asking us to target a solid non-fat/fat (SNF/F) ratio around 2.00;

Whereas to reach such a ratio, the Holstein must continue to increase its fat production and more specifically its deviation;

Whereas the fat deviation (%) is a high heritability trait and that it is therefore possible to make an efficient genetic selection for this trait;

Whereas the importance of being proactive in order to adapt our selection indexes (for example LPI and Pro$) with the aim of maximizing the use of our milk and therefore our revenues.


Therefore, it is proposed to review the current selection tools in order to accelerate the genetic improvement for fat deviation and obtain a SNF/F ratio that is better adapted to the industry.

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