Publication of DGV’s

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Whereas Dairy producers pay for milk recording, pay for registration and classification, pay the A.I. units and pay for genomic testing, they are entitled to being able to use the data they produce and the indexes of their choice.

Whereas genetic data are the property of producers.

Whereas DGVs are a source of information that contribute to the estimation of genetic potential.

Whereas Lactanet has decided to withdraw DGVs without the approval of producers for whom this information is an additional tool for herd management.

Whereas Lactanet claims to be transparent in the information and ownership of data. Whereas the profitability of dairy farms is a growing challenge, the use of DGVs is an additional source of information that could assist in profitability.


Therefore, it is requested that Lactanet resume the publication of DGVs since producers never asked for its withdrawal.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

Following consultation with various breeders and based on various analyses examining the potential benefits of DGV versus officially published genomic evaluations, the GEB recommended the discontinuation of DGV publication, which was implemented effective December 2019.

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