Publishable Records from Robots

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Whereas …

Whereas the number of herds using Lactanet is decreasing and;

Whereas more than 11% of herds in Canada use robotic milking and continues to increase and;

Whereas robotic systems gather accurate daily data from 2-3 milkings recording approximately 900 pieces of data per cow per year.

Therefore …

Therefore, it is proposed that Lactanet work with various relevant organizations to update and modernize data collection from robotic systems with the goal of promptly providing an official milk recording option that is publishable.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

Dairy farms with robotic milking systems represent 14% of Lactanet herds and 18% of Lactanet cows. eDHI herds represent 1% of herds and 2% of cows using Lactanet milk recording services.

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