Publishable Robot Records

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Whereas more and more producers are abandoning official and non-official milk recording to save money.

Whereas more than 11% of herds in Canada use robotic milking and that percentage is constantly increasing.

Whereas the robotic milking systems collect on a daily basis precise data from 2 to 3 milking per cow and therefore about 900 yearly data per cow.

Whereas the Holstein breed needs that its producers who are using a robotic milking system remain members. Basically, those breeders are essential to preserve the dynamism of our breeding clubs.

Whereas Lactanet has initiated electronic milk recording (eDHI) by which only milk yield has a publishable status, and not components.


Therefore, it is proposed to request that Lactanet quickly offer a publishable milk recording option to update and modernize the collection of data from robotic systems so that the electronic milk recording is completed and the components are publishable.

In addition, it is also requested that Lactanet reduce the milk recording membership fees over the coming year in order to encourage the members to keep using the service.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

Lactanet introduced an eDHI service in early 2020 that includes remote data collection and provides the opportunity for publishable milk records. For robotic systems with component sensors, the data can be collected and used for the calculation of non-publishable production and BCA’s for components. While some European organizations are collecting sensor data for research purposes, we are not aware of any other milk recording organization globally that uses sensor data in the calculation of records at this time. Publishable component records are also possible if the on-farm component sensors meet the standards for accuracy established by the International Committee on Animal Recording (ICAR). This is the same organization that approves milk metering devices, milk analysis equipment for laboratories, record calculations, etc. At this time, no component sensors are currently ICAR approved.

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