Daughter 305-d Production Revenue by Sire

Reference ID:907


Whereas the raw production of animals is not published (except on an individual basis). Those raw data always seem to be modified before being published;

Whereas LPI and Pro$ do not always represent the actual ability of daughters to generate the optimum income earned from the milk volume and the components produced. (The true on-farm profitability);

Whereas the genetic indexes decrease as the animals get older and directly influence the value of those animals, even if they deliver very good performances as well as very good progeny.


Therefore it is proposed to ask Lactanet to develop an index that reflects the performances of the sires offered by insemination centres based exclusively on the raw data collected on farms (milk volume, components, classification). This would allow to compare the sires with one another according to the revenues generated by the production of their daughters, the latter being compared to their herd mates.

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