Submit a Resolution

Each year, we encourage all dairy producers in Canada to submit non-binding resolutions to Lactanet. To be eligible, a Resolution can only be accepted if it relates to Lactanet business activities, including its products, services, and policies. Before you submit a Resolution please ensure you check all the boxes.

To be eligible, all Resolutions must be:

Resolutions may be withdrawn by the mover at any time.


Two options to submite resolutions

The submission period for resolutions has ended; March 1st was the deadline for submission, and no further resolutions are being accepted.

1- Download, print and complete the PDF Resolutions form, then send it to us:

Lactanet Canada
Attn: Secretary to the Board
650 Speedvale Avenue West, Suite 101
Guelph ON, N1K 1E5

Fax: 519-824-2434

2- Fill out the online form here. If you choose to use this method your resolution will automatically be submitted:


All eligible resolutions shall be posted publicly to this website on March 18th, 2024. This includes the names and provinces of the originator/submitter who proposed the Resolution, the four (4) individuals who supported the Resolution, along with any relevant background details as deemed appropriate by Lactanet to ensure complete and factual information.

At the discretion of the Board, Resolutions that are similar in nature may be combined for efficiency.


On March 28, 2024, each person (or their *designate) who has submitted an eligible resolution will have the opportunity to publicly present their Resolution for a maximum of four (4) minutes. In the event that Resolutions are combined due to a similar subject, the Resolution that was received first shall be selected to present.  (*Designate – the resolution submitter may select one of their supporters or the Mover to present)

Resolutions Presentation: March 28, 2024 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EST)

To join the Zoom meeting, please click the link:

The Resolutions Presentation will be streamed on-line in real-time using an electronic format and simultaneous translation will be provided. All participants must have access to an internet connection and can choose video or audio options.

Due to potential challenges with time zones, each presenter may also have the option to pre-record their message, which would be played at the appropriate time during the presentation session. Please contact us to arrange this option.

The Lactanet Board shall attend the session in order to hear all Resolutions presented and their subsequent consideration.