Change of Link from Holstein Canada to CDN

Reference ID:1324


Whereas the CDN website is an indispensable tool for many breeders in Canada,

Whereas this site presents the required information in a concise manner,

Whereas that on its website Holstein Canada has changed the destination of the CDN link to the Lactanet genetic evaluation summary page,

Whereas that breeders should have the choice of quickly consulting either of the sites by clicking on the link of their choice, and

Whereas that speed and convenience of consultation are important to breeders.


Therefore, it is requested from Lactanet and Holstein Canada that the link between the Holstein Canada site and the CDN genetic evaluation summary page be restored and that modifications be made to the Lactanet portal to improve ease of consultation, simplicity and clarity.

MoverPascal MartinSainte-Cécile de Milton, Quebec
1st SupporterLouis St-AubinSaint-Clet, Quebec
2nd SupporterHans BroenimannSainte-Perpétue, Quebec
3rd SupporterJulie DuchesneSaint-Narcisse, Quebec
4th SupporterAlphonse PittetSaint-Tite, Quebec

Lactanet recently conducted an extensive survey to better understand the user experiences and areas of the Genetics section of the Lactanet website needing improvement. Regardless of how Holstein Canada wishes to address this request, Lactanet will be fully transitioning away from the former CDN website, when appropriate to do so.