Active Resolutions

All eligible resolutions will be posted to the Lactanet Resolutions website on March 18th, 2024. Lactanet will provide additional reference information where relevant to support further discussion of the resolution during the Comment Period. Resolutions will appear in one of three categories: Genetics, Milk Recording, Other. This will provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about each submission before voting begins.

At the discretion of the Board, Resolutions that are similar in nature may be combined for efficiency.


On March 28, 2024, each person (or their *designate) who has submitted an eligible resolution will have the opportunity to publicly present their Resolution for a maximum of four (4) minutes. The Resolutions Presentation will be streamed on-line in real-time using an electronic format and simultaneous translation will be provided. All participants must have access to an internet connection and can choose video or audio options.

Comment Period

Once eligible Resolutions are posted and are formally presented on-line, all Canadian dairy farmers are invited to share their comments and perspectives in the public discussion forum area below. The comment period will begin on April 1, 2024 and close on April 12, 2024.

If you wish to comment or participate in the discussion, please be aware of the following:

Active Eligible Resolution List and Discussion Forum


Whereas… Whereas the Relative Breeding Value (RBV) for the trait MILKING SPEED is based on subjective evaluations, without direct measurement, made in first lactation. Whereas the person doing the subjective assessment is not always a person who does the milking, and therefore not able to offer a fair assessment. Whereas acow can be evaluated with a fast milking speed (desirable) because her milk production is low and conversely, a cow can be evaluated with a slow milking speed (undesirable) because… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas the composite index system for major type traits is not perfect. Whereas the composite system allows bulls to benefit from bonuses in their indexes, by possessing a quality in a defect of the breed. Whereas the composite system inflicts penalties on bulls for having a common defect with the breed. Whereas modifying the genetic indices with bonuses and penalties completely distorts the understanding of the individual. Whereas modifying a genetic index to help a breed out of genetic… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas Lactanet’s genetics services are funded by breed associations and artificial insemination centers. Whereas the main users of the Lactanet site are Canadian breeders. Whereas they require quick access to their data. Whereas the ease of use of the Lactanet site should have a beneficial effect on the number of visits to the site by Canadian producers. Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that the list of offspring of an animal be, by default, the list of its Canadian offspring… Join this discussion

Milk Recording

Whereas… Whereas more and more purebred animals show a coat with white spots. Whereas an “OCS” white spot must be recorded in the herdbook without affecting the purity of an animal. Whereas many breeders fail to provide such information. Whereas the mode of transmission is not clearly defined. Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that, at the time of milk recording, the identification of “OCS” is added to the animal’s information and that an annual statistical follow-up is made.   Name… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas a large portion of the Colour Breed breeders have mixed herds and small populations of some breeds. Whereas having herd averages published is great publicity for the smaller breeds and important data for people to see. Whereas Breed associations such as Ayrshire Canada recognize herd averages with as few as five completed records while Lactanet requires ten. Therefore… Therefore, be it resolved that Lactanet recognize herd averages with as few as five completed records in their annual reports…. Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas when using the Lactanet site for identifying animals, the lack of Herd Management numbers can make finding animals tricky. Whereas using Lactanet’s mobile app should provide better links to the animal’s genetic evaluation summary page on the web site. Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that Lactanet add Herd Management numbers to the animals in their system for display on the web site. Further be it resolved that the Lactanet Mobile App direct customers to the animal’s genetics profile… Join this discussion