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All eligible resolutions will be posted to the Lactanet Resolutions website on March 21, 2022. Lactanet will provide additional reference information where relevant to support further discussion of the resolution during the Comment Period. Resolutions will appear in one of three categories: Genetics, Milk Recording, Other. This will provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about each submission before voting begins.

At the discretion of the Board, Resolutions that are similar in nature may be combined for efficiency.


On March 31, each person (or their *designate) who has submitted an eligible resolution will have the opportunity to publicly present their Resolution for a maximum of five (5) minutes. The Resolutions Presentation will be streamed on-line in real-time using an electronic format and simultaneous translation will be provided. All participants must have access to an internet connection and can choose video or audio options.

Comment Period

Once eligible Resolutions are posted and are formally presented on-line, all Canadian dairy farmers are invited to share their comments and perspectives in the public discussion forum area below. The comment period will begin on April 4, 2022 and close on April 15, 2022.

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Active Eligible Resolution List and Discussion Forum


Whereas… Whereas Ayrshire breeders have difficulties monitoring the recessive gene AM (Arthrogryposis Multiplex); Whereas there is no follow-up on the reporting made by the breeders during milk recording. Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that Lactanet establish a process or a reporting tool for calf abnormalities and births observed by dairy producers, and that Lactanet carry out a routine analysis of those reports and make sure that the reporting process includes follow-up with Ayrshire Canada.   Name Location Mover François Beaudry… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas most people only look at a sire’s Genetic Evaluation Summary when purchasing semen or making breeding choices; Whereas it is difficult to establish a link between the genetics of a sire and the linear evaluation (which corresponds to classification); Whereas what is shown in a sire proof is the breed average, which is not necessarily the ideal; Whereas the ideal of classification is well known, but the ideal of genetic traits is little known or unknown; Whereas the… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas there is a surplus of solids non-fat (SNF) currently produced compared to the market demand; Whereas the predictions are asking us to target a solid non-fat/fat (SNF/F) ratio around 2.00; Whereas to reach such a ratio, the Holstein must continue to increase its fat production and more specifically its deviation; Whereas the fat deviation (%) is a high heritability trait and that it is therefore possible to make an efficient genetic selection for this trait; Whereas the importance… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas the COMPASS program is a great tool to assist Canadian dairy breeders and; Whereas the current program provides a list of bulls and a herd inventory but not a mating report and; Whereas breeders must release their herd inventory to an artificial insemination company to get a mating report and; Whereas all Ontario licensed dairy farms pay a check off to Lactanet’s subsidiary, Ontario DHI, and farms using milk recording services pay Lactanet for that service, yet those… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas the raw production of animals is not published (except on an individual basis). Those raw data always seem to be modified before being published; Whereas LPI and Pro$ do not always represent the actual ability of daughters to generate the optimum income earned from the milk volume and the components produced. (The true on-farm profitability); Whereas genetic indexes decrease as animals get older and directly influence the value of those animals, even if they deliver very good performance… Join this discussion

Milk Recording

Whereas… Whereas some of the data that best reflects a cow’s profitability is her production per day of life; Whereas the type of herd management applied on the farm can impact BCAs (dried off before 305 DIM, extended lactation). Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that the results of the accumulation of Milk, Fat and Protein per day of life be official publishable information similar to BCAs.   Name Location Mover Julie Duchesne Saint-Narcisse, Québec 1st Supporter Benjamin Nieuwenhof Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee, Québec… Join this discussion

Whereas… Whereas more and more cows have another calving within the same year; Whereas they are penalized because they are dried off before 305 days; Whereas lactation persistency is a beautiful and great quality in our cows that helps increase the profitability of our herds. Therefore… Therefore, it is proposed that the BCA of cows dried off between 280 and 305 days in milk be calculated based on the 305-day projected yields at the time of dry off and that… Join this discussion