Request for Follow-up on Bovine Spastic Syndrome Study

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Whereas we see a lot of stiffness symptoms in our cows from good Holstein sires,

Whereas the considerable financial losses caused by the premature culling of these cows,

Whereas that in cows more slightly affected, production decreases, which is a negative impact on their well being and the profitability of our business,

Whereas that rearing costs are constantly on the rise,

Whereas that this syndrome has been known for more than 60 years (Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine – June 1956 – J G Lafortune – Une affection spasmodique des bovins),

Whereas that inbreeding is on the rise and that a genetic cause is conceivable,

Whereas that breeders have voluntarily contributed to this study, and

Whereas that Lactanet should have completed the data collection phase begun in 2021 aimed at understanding the prevalence of this syndrome and developing new tools and strategies to reduce the expression of this syndrome, which is too costly for breeders.


Therefore it is requested that Lactanet, Holstein Canada and the Dairy Farmers of Canada publish a progress report.

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The information collected from Canadian dairy farmers is currently the topic of a graduate student’s project at the University of Guelph to determine if the development of a national genetic evaluation system is warranted. Depending on the outcome of the research, a national system for the collection of Crampy data may be developed and implemented.

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