Compass Mating Capabilities

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Whereas …

Whereas the Compass program is a great foundation to assist Canadian dairy breeders and;

Whereas giving breeders the flexibility of customizing their breeding program would be a huge benefit to the program and;

Whereas the current program only offers a list of bulls for the herd and not for individual cows, creating an extra step for producers and;

Whereas breeders are becoming increasingly focused on the benefit of A2 milk

Therefore …

Therefore, be it resolved that Holstein Canada and Lactanet complete a sixth module and add functionality to the Compass software to customize an index, make a mating program recommendation, sort bulls for the A2 gene and identify matings that could result in undesirable haplotypes.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

Compass currently includes all available A2 gene test results at Holstein Canada or Lactanet and allows for filtering and sorting of bulls as well as females in the herd. The development of a customized index tool and/or a mating program is very costly to develop and both services are already widely provided by various A.I. companies doing business in Canada.

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