Lactanet Organizational Chart

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Whereas Lactanet is the result of the merger of several organizations operating in the field of milk production and;

Whereas several previous employees of those organizations stayed with the new entity, but with different roles and;

Whereas the producers wishing to obtain specific information have difficulty finding their way.


Therefore, it is requested to make that chart available to dairy producers.

Reference information provided by Lactanet:

The Lactanet organizational structure includes the following key operational divisions:

-Operations division, Daniel Lefebvre, Chief Operating Officer – labs, innovation and development, information technology, Customer Service Desk and Centre of Expertise;

-Industry Services division, Brian Van Doormaal, Chief Services Officer – genetic evaluations, DairyTrace and industry data exchange;

-Sales and Services West, Ron Hurtubise, Director – milk recording services in Ontario and West;

-Sales and Services East, Guy Boyer, Director – milk recording and advisory services in Quebec and Atlantic, proAction validation services in Quebec;

-Business Development, Richard Cantin, Director – national business development, herd management software and proAction validation services in Ontario;

-Communications, Annik Perron, Director – national communications activities;

-Finance, Rob McTaggart, Director – national finance and facilities;

-Human Resources – Clement-Guy Bernard, Director – national human resources activities.

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